Cloud telephony

This Solution brings you a unique, powerful, cloud-based business telephony system with unmatched performance. Now manage all your calls easily, generate business leads like never before and establish bonds with your customers that’ll last for a lifetime

a. Toll Free Numbers:

Use our 1800 Toll Free solutions for your business and boost your sales and customer engagement. Our Toll Free solution lets you integrate1800 Toll Free numbers with our call management solution and manage all your incoming calls effortlessly. You can even integrate International Toll Free numbers with this service and receive calls from across the globe!

Setup your own Hotline number or Telephone system for your business with our solution. Now you’ll never have to spend big bucks on EPABX systems or dedicated hardware to setup your business phone number.
Use our call management solution with mobile, landlines and Toll Free numbers and unite your departments and offices at multiple locations under one single number. This solution lets you track all the calls that you receive on your number, transfer them to your unlimited extensions, record your calls and even accept voice messages.