The back bone of new era communication.

Our enterprise messaging solution helps you to communicate with your clients/customer in an elite, effective, economic and result oriented way. Share day to day vital information in a single click and ensure quick delivery.

Our Transactional SMS panel helps you to send vital and important information to a huge data base which you have in a single go. Text messages are routed in high priority which ensure delivery immediately. The panel helps you to import the mobile numbers from an excel sheet or text file.

Why to address a person “Customer” when you can address them by the “name” even while sending a million message in a go and India being a diverse country we have added regional language options. These messages will appear on the name of your organization. After sending the message ensure the delivery by downloading a detailed report in excel which indicates whether the message is delivered to the numbers send, the send and delivery time , the credit consumed etc. Api codes which we provide can be integrated in to your software. When you send Customized or personalized sms in huge numbers each recipient will receive SMS with his/her name and other variables.

( For eg. “Dear ******* Thank you for Choosing TECHSOL TECHNOLOGIES the Pioneer in Software solutions.
Dear Tom Thank you for Choosing TECHSOL TECHNOLOGIES the Pioneer in Software solutions)